Medical Escorts by HI Flying

Medical escorts by Hi Flying

HI Flying - Air Ambulance International provides Professional and Qualified Medical escorts for Patient travel worldwide.

The Medical escort team will comprise of a single escort like a Doctor, Nurse or Paramedic for a safe patient on Commercial flight Business or First class or a team of two medical escort like Doctor and a Nurse, Doctor and a Paramedic, Nurse and a Paramedic and at times, Doctor, Nurse and Respiratory therapist depending on patient clinical status. 

They carry with them all Basic and Advance Life supports which includes but not limited to Monitors , Pulse oximeters, Ventilator, Automated External Defibrillators, Syringe pumps, Portable oxygen concentrator or other such CPR  medical  life supports.

Cost effectiveness comes from using Commercial airlines seats on Business or First class and the common airlines we fly are Emirates, Lufthansa, Air India, Singapore airlines, Philippines Airlines, Thai Airways, Delta, KLM and Air France Flights. 

Many times, an Airline Stretcher arrangements are utilised by us for more critical patients for patients who are unable to sit during landing and takeoff. 

Medical escort crews carry with them equipment that enables them to provide appropriate medical treatment to a non emergency patient.  Our Medical escorts will consult with the referring physicians to jointly determine the most appropriate level of care and most suitable method of transportation for your loved one.

Medical Escort Team

Our Medical escort team of Doctor, Nurses and Paramedic work in sync to provide the safest possible transport for your patient.

The decision to use a combination is decided by patient clinical condition as well as the Medical Director decision.


The teams as follows -

Doctor + Nurse

Doctor + Paramedic

Doctor + Doctor

Nurse + Paramedic

Nurse + Nurse

Doctor + Nurse + Respiratory therapist

Medical Control

The nature of the air operation will frequently determine the type of medical control required, and in most cases, the available skill sets of individual medical escort or the Medical escort team.  As a result, those operating in this environment will often be permitted to exercise more space in medical decision-making. 

HI Flying uses known recognised protocols for almost all procedures and only resorting to on-line medical control when protocols have been exhausted. 

Some Medical escort operations have full-time, on-site medical coordinators with relevant backgrounds.

All transportation happen under the supervision of our Medical Director.


Challenges of Air Medical escort operations

The challenge in most air medical escort operations, are the effects of reduced atmospheric pressure on some patients, the effect of temperature and noise on the patient, the requirement to divert the aircraft to land quickly in the event of an unexpected emergency, fellow passengers, the amount of working space, both of which may create issues for the provision of ongoing care. While in flight the entire patient will be physically accessible. Although some companies have adapted many techniques and procedures to minimize the effect on other passengers and the overall safety and well-being of the patients flying on commercial flights.


The experience of our Medical escort team plays an important role in a safe patient transfer.


Versatility of the Medical Escorts


The Medical escorts are well trained and experienced to take care of all medical emergencies within the limitations of a Commercial flight.

They are well versed with the airport formalities and carry FAA approved medical equipments which work on batteries.

Enough oxygen is planned for the travel.

They are able to transport the patient on a Business class or First class seating arrangements

with a Portable oxygen concentrator.

Or at times, HI Flying arranges Stretchers on commercial flights.


We also carry out transportation on Lufthansa Patient Compartments. PTC.


For more information about safe patient travel in Commercial flights and arranging visa ready escorts - call us on +91 9821150889 or +1 412 567 2211


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