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The Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Join Hi Flying as a Medical Escort

The website is continually updated. Jobs are posted as soon as they become available and are removed once the position is filled.

How do I apply for an open position?

You can call us on phone. We love talking to you.

You send us your CV Certificates, Passport and photo so we can assess you as the right candidate to join our esteem organisation.

We will then empanel you after you go through a vetting process.

Once empanel - you will be given a Protocol of working and once understood, you could fly with our company.

Our positions are either Full time or Part time.


Why does HI FLYING do video interviews?

HI Flying is a forward-thinking, cutting-edge organization that prides itself on using the best technology possible to help our employees do their best work. The video interview process allows our recruiting team the opportunity to review more candidates in a shorter period of time, as well as offers the following benefits:

  • You will be evaluated on all your qualifications, not just the bullet points on your resume. On‐Demand Interviews allow you to highlight your experience and qualifications beyond what’s listed on your resume. It’s your opportunity to highlight your relevant skills, display your passion and demonstrate your communication skills.
  • It’s convenient. An On‐Demand Interview can be done at your convenience using your laptop or mobile device with a video camera, so you will not have to take time out of work or class to keep the process moving.
  • Fair evaluation. Every candidate goes through the same process and answers the same questions that you do. This ensures fair evaluation of each candidate and a more compliant process.
  • Faster hiring decisions. This step allows our recruiters to get your information in front of the hiring manager quicker.


Will I need to go through the formal process even though I have interviewed with HI Flying before?

All candidates need to go through the same process across the organization. To ensure that consistency, you will need to go through this process each time you apply for a position with HI Flying as required qualifications vary with each of our positions.

What does Stay Connected do for me?

By joining the HI FLYING Connection you will receive updates about newly opened positions, recruiting events, an inside look at our culture. The information you receive will be catered just for YOU! 

Will HI Flying contact me when my résumé is received?

While we would like to speak with each candidate who applies, we will only contact you should your background match what the hiring manager is seeking.

How do I apply for an internship?

Internship opportunities are posted on the website, just like any full‐time position. Internships are offered in various locations across all our locations and hubs.

Does HI FLYING conduct background checks?

We perform background checks on all new hires before their start date. A typical background check will verify employment, Social Security verification, education and a criminal record check. Certain positions may also require a credit check. Certain positions may also require a credit check and a sexual offender background check.

Will I have opportunities for training and development after I am hired?

Absolutely. Continuous learning, both formal and informal, is a key component of each employee’s career development. 

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